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Gregg Shannon, founder and owner of Insurance Fraud Specialists, Inc., got started in the private detective business in 1983, while attending college and working as an undercover agent for the renowned Pinkerton Agency in Santa Ana, CA. After graduating, he worked for various other detective agencies and learned to perform background investigations, locates, interviews, asset searches and recovery, serve subpoenas and conduct surveillance. He worked for civil and criminal attorneys (both plaintiff & defense), insurance related businesses and on domestic cases in Southern California, thus making him a well versed apprentice. In 1987 he became a field supervisor of five surveillance investigators for an insurance fraud investigation agency and also performed AOE/COE investigations and activity checks. In 1988 he became a branch manager for this same agency in San Diego, CA and then branched out on his own to open his own detective agency in 1991. He moved his agency to Scottsdale, AZ in 1992 in order to serve the entire Southwest, expanded in 1994 to include the Pacific Northwest and again in 2015 to include the Southeast.

Gregg Shannon performs all of his own investigations, offering his clientele 35 years of personal experience. This is unique and a true advantage to the insurance investigation industry because most agencies competing in this industry today are large nationwide companies that hire junior apprentices to conduct field investigations under the supervision and license of an experienced manager or VP at the local office. These companies position themselves as offering logistic, volume and cost advantages but, because of their inexperienced field personnel and office based supervisory staff, they generally fall short on strategic thinking and overall quality of work. As a small independent agency, Gregg Shannon provides a select clientele his personal investigative expertise and high quality of work across a large geographic area.

Serving 16 States
27 years in business and 35 years of experience as a private detective

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Gregg Shannon uses state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly evolving in this high-tech world of spying.   These changes can be expensive but make the difference in the ability to gather the best electronic evidence on assignments.