Specialists, Inc.

Our agency began in San Diego, CA in 1991 and moved to Scottsdale, AZ in 1992 to encompass the Southwest region. In 1994 we expanded our services to include the Pacific Northwest and the remaining western states and in 2015 we began servicing the Southeast. We have been in business for 33 years.

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Welcome to Insurance Fraud Specialists, Inc.

About Our Company

Founder and owner Gregg Shannon began his apprenticeship at the age of 19 as an undercover investigator and currently has 41 years of experience as a private detective. He performs all aspects of investigations including both plaintiff and defense work with expertise in asset locating, backgrounds, insurance fraud, locates, missing persons, and surveillance. What sets Gregg apart from the competition is his ability to stay ahead of the industry’s standards by deploying modern techniques with the use of high-tech equipment.


What We Offer

Our investigative specialists include numerous services important to both plaintiffs and defendants. Take a look at our comprehensive list of what we can offer.

Doing private detective work since 1983


State Detective Licenses for Insurance Fraud Specialists, Inc. :

  • Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, Colorado Have no state license requirements.
  • Alabama #1012 No reciprocity with other states.
  • Arizona #1003768 No reciprocity with other states.
  • California #187959 has reciprocity with Florida 30 days, Georgia 30 days, Louisiana 60 days and Oregon unlimited.
  • Florida #A1400178 has reciprocity with the following for 30 days per case in California, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia and Tennessee – for only 15 days.
  • Montana #10195 (armed).  No reciprocity with other states.
  • New Mexico #1212 No reciprocity with other states.
  • Oregon #33805 has reciprocity with California and Louisiana.
  • Rhode Island does not prohibit private detectives coming into their state as long as their business is not within the state then state licensure is necessary and regulated by their local jurisdiction.
  • Utah #G102389 No reciprocity with other states.
  • CCW Issue Permit: Utah #C181365 is currently reciprocal in 37 US states. See Utah Department of Public Safety for participating states.
  • Washington # 299-12 (expired) allows P.I.’s from other states that have equal or greater P.I. licensing standards to work up to 30 days per year without being licensed in their state.